Red Carpet - Kents famous people

Celebrities in Kent If you want to trace the footsteps of the rich and famous, you may head to major cities such as London or Manchester where it’s not uncommon to see actors, singers, models, TV presenters, Hollywood A-listers and other well-known superstars strolling around. That said, with many celebrities living in Kent, the Garden […]

Things to do in Kent in the Summer

Visiting Kent in the Summer The UK is a great place to explore during the warmer months and, if you’re thinking about visiting Kent, you won’t be disappointed thanks to the wide array of beautiful and fascinating landmarks dotted throughout the region. Indeed, this vibrant and historically important part of the world offers everything you […]

Staying in Kent

The Naming Behind Kent When referring to Kent, it’s not uncommon to see the term ‘Garden of England’ used to describe this UK county. With beautiful countryside and full of history, Kent’s title is actually down to its wealth of hop, fruit-growing and flowers gardens located throughout the county. The Garden of England Fruits – […]