Why Is Kent Known as the Garden of England?

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The Naming Behind Kent

When referring to Kent, it’s not uncommon to see the term ‘Garden of England’ used to describe this UK county. With beautiful countryside and full of history, Kent’s title is actually down to its wealth of hop, fruit-growing and flowers gardens located throughout the county.

The Garden of England

  • Fruits – The fruit-growing trade in Kent is one of the main reasons for its ‘Garden of England’ status. Seasonal fruits continue to delight visitors from all over the world with popular Kentish Summer fruits including cherries, plums and strawberries. The cooler months are reserved for growing Kentish apples and pears which are full of flavour. You’ll find a series of orchards in Kent, including Park Farm cherry orchard in Lynsted and Hucking’s community orchard, growing a variety of fruits.
  • Crops – Potatoes, wheat and oats are all popular crops grown in Kent, and you can find much of Kentish produce in the wide array of farm shops situated across Kent. It’s a great way to support Kent’s farmers as well as taste some of the delights this county has to offer.A popular venue is The Goods Shed in Canterbury which includes a farmer’s market, food hall and restaurant.
  • Hops – Its famous oast houses are one of the first signs of Kent’s history with hop growing. Hops are still grown locally, often for brewing beer. However, more than just for creating delicious varieties of beer, hops can also be used in the garden, for decorations and for natural relaxation therapies.
  • Flower Gardens – One of the most picturesque ways to truly enjoy the ‘Garden of England’ is in one of its many visitor gardens around the county. Highlights include Emmett’s Garden near Sevenoaks which includes a variety of rare shrubs and exotic trees. The Secret Gardens of Sandwich, Penshurst Place and Hever Castle are also not to be missed with some beautiful flowers to be enjoyed whilst soaking up the historical venues.
  • Vineyards–You can’t talk about Kent without mentioning its famous vineyards to visit and enjoy. The Chapel Down Winery is considered one of the best in the country, while Biddenden Vineyards provides a more relaxed setting for the free self-guided tour it offers.

Enjoy a Night Away in the Picturesque Countryside

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